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Improving Your Emotional Regulation Through Real-Time Neurofeedback Brain Training

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Do You Feel Overwhelmed?

Negative emotions, including sadness and anger, are commonly experienced in our daily lives. Emotional self-regulation is the ability to transition between states and respond appropriately to challenging situations. Emotional dysregulation occurs when your brain and nervous system are unbalanced. Your brain gets stuck, and you have difficulty regulating your emotions, and you feel overwhelmed. Anxiety, depression, anger and self-sabotaging behaviors are common. Struggling to control impulsive behaviours, being overwhelmed by what appears to be minor things, and having unpredictable outbursts are usually indicators that you are not regulating your emotions.

Train Your Brain for Better Mental Health

The goal of neurofeedback brain training is to enhance brain performance. One of the great benefits that comes with brain training is emotional regulation. Neurofeedback Brain training directly re-calibrates the fight-or-flight response. Limiting beliefs can be tapped into and greater insights occur. When working with healing trauma, limiting beliefs are often challenged, as we become aware of repetitive patterns of suffering and unhappiness that can span generations. The training produces seamless shifts in your thinking, creating boundaries with others and within yourself. It is powerful & transformative.

One of the many benefits of Neurofeedback brain training is that it is a self-empowerment tool, which can lead to better decision-making skills. This allows you the opportunity to make positive choices, taking action to advance yourself, and be more confident in your ability to make and execute decisions.

Dynamical Neurofeedback Brain Training in the Vancouver Area

UR Wellness Neurofeedback Center located in Burnaby; British Columbia offers Dynamical Neurofeedback Brain Training for the whole family. If you want to improve your sleep, focus more, feel less overwhelmed and heal from trauma and PTSD start your journey today.

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