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Currently Not Accepting New
In-Office Clients

We are currently not accepting new clients
at our Burnaby location

UR Wellness provides a mind body approach to holistic neurofeedback services for families, athletes & pets. We specialize in neurofeedback brain training, Neurological Integration & Somatic Therapies. We work with you to provide you with the most comprehensive health care experience. Your health & wellness is our top focus, and we are delighted to offer you the latest healing techniques to achieve optimal health.

While we are not accepting new in-office clients at this time, we providing our

Distance Home Programs that can provide personalized guidance and support, ensuring that you can continue to prioritize your health and well-being regardless of your location.

Home Program Services Available Online

Discover the convenience and flexibility of our virtual home programs, designed to meet your unique needs and goals. Whether you're seeking Neurofeedback Services, Somatic Counselling, or holistic wellness strategies, we have the tools and resources to support you every step of the way.

With our online platform, you'll have access to personalized programs, interactive sessions, and expert support. Say goodbye to the constraints of time and location – our virtual home programs empower you to prioritize your well-being on your schedule.

How Does the Neurofeedback Process Work?

Neurofeedback is a ​powerful neuro-technology that can ​help you effortlessly train your brain ​to optimize your life. Sitting in a ​comfortable chair with sensors on ​your scalp and ears, the ​Brain Training system ​monitors your brain’s electrical ​activity. Your brain is provided with ​audio cues of how it is functioning in ​real-time. Your brain utilizes this ​information to “reset” and optimize ​itself.

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Get Hooked Up

After reviewing your health ​care inventory with a nurse, ​she will help you settle into a ​reclining chair and will place ​sensors on your scalp & ears to ​obtain real-time ​measurements of your ​brainwave activity.

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Sit Back & Relax

You don't need to do ​anything. Unlike talk therapy, ​you do not have to actively ​engage in your feelings & ​thoughts. You will hear brief ​interruptions in the music ​that signal your brain to ​recalibrate itself

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Change Your Brain

While you relax, your ​brainwave activity moves ​into healthier patterns. ​With repeated sessions,​ your brain consolidates the​ changes for long-term​ improvements.​

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What Does the Neurofeedback Process Look Like?

Neurofeedback Brain Training is ​exercise for your brain. It is the quickest ​way to re-set and balance your brain for ​less stress & better sleep. It is not a ​treatment. You are teaching your body ​to regulate your own brainwave ​dynamics, re-setting your sleep cycles, ​and re-calibrating your stress response. ​Consistency is key to success until your brain consolidates the new healthier brainwave patterns.

1-3 Sessions Per Week

Adults: 60 min

Kids: 45 min

20-40 Sessions

Who Do You Serve?

We are passionate about helping whole families -kids, teens, adults and even pets. Our brain training programs are designed to help adults children & youth reach their full potential. We are proud of our young brain trainers, and love watching them grown into bright-minded and confident individuals. We also love helping animals and their owner's bond by having you train together.



Poor Sleep & Insomnia

Trauma & PTSD

Chronic Pain & Illnesses

Digestive System Issues

Immune System Issues

Mental Roadblocks

Symptoms of Anxiety

Addictions & Eating Disorderes



Sleep Disturbances

Digestive Issues

Focus & Concentration

Oppositional Disorder

Poor Social Skills


Autism Spectrum

OCD Behaviours

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Home Programs

Brain Training Programs


Telehealth Sessions

Loaner System Supplied

Guided Support

Lead By Experienced Nurses

We Do Not Provided

DYI Rentals (Do It Yourself)

“I have greater clarity, confidence, and the ability to take what I know and put it into actions. The change in my thought patterns and my ability to practice gratitude has increased dramatically since beginning my brain training program."

Darlene Coquitlam

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