Dynamical Neurofeedback Brain Training.

A Natural Solution To A More Restful Sleep.

What is Neurofeedback and How Does It Work?

Dynamical Neurofeedback is a powerful neuro-technology that can help you effortlessly train your brain to optimize your life. Sitting in a comfortable chair with sensors on your scalp and ears, the NeurOptimal® Brain Training system monitors your brain’s electrical activity. Your brain is provided with audio cues of how it is functioning in real-time. Your brain utilizes this information to “reset” and optimize itself. Benefits include self-regulation for stress reduction, improvement of sleep patterns, better focus, mental clarity & improved confidence.

About ‘UR Wellness’ Owner Penny Hyndman

Our Trainer Penny Hyndman is a graduate of the Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing & has over 30 years experience in B.C.’s health care system. After suffering a back injury herself while working in the hospital, Penny discovered Neurofeedback and its power to alleviate suffering. Combined with her passion to learn and desire to assist others, Penny trained with some of the top experts in the field of Neurofeedback and now mentors and trains other practitioners worldwide in the discipline of Neurofeedback. Penny has extensive training in NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback and is experienced using several other Neurofeedback systems including Biograph, Cap Scan, Brainmaster, Brain Paint and LENS.  Today, Penny uses NeurOptimal® exclusively in her practice, as she recognizes the value and power of this unique technology. 

Penny is also trained in Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Reflexology, AromaTouch Technique®, and Craniosacral Therapy. In 2010, Penny trained with Neurolink® Global in the technique of NIS (Neurological Integration System) and incorporates each modality into her client’s wellness plan. Penny draws from her roots in nursing & encompasses a wide range of methodologies- from holistic approaches. Drawing on her assessment skills & other biofeedback technologies such as applied kinesiology/muscle testing with gentle hands on craniosacral techniques Penny bridges the connection of the mind and the body to aid you to achieve optimal wellness. Penny’s unique approach to health, combined with her innate caring ability creates a safe non- judgmental environment for healing to occur. You will be cared for as the unique individual you are. Currently, Penny is completing her certification in Distance Healing with Suzanne Scurlock.

Better Sleep

A balanced brain will help you experience a more restful sleep. When your brain is out of balance or stuck, it is impossible to function at your optimum. Through working with us at our clinic we can help your physical brain get back into alignment and the regular flow of cell structure.

Stress Less

Stress can lead to trouble sleeping, an inability to focus, worry, anxiety and feelings of hopelessness. Brain training programs can help your brain re-set itself, restoring your brain’s natural rhythm, allowing you to manage stress more efficiently.

Release Trauma

Trauma causes the brain to become unbalanced. When your brain becomes unbalanced due to extreme stress, you can experience symptoms associated with PTSD. Re-training your brain, allows it to restore its own natural balance, relaxing the brain, allowing you to get a more restful sleep.

What Differentiates Us From Other Neurofeedback Providers?

Neurofeedback Neurotherapy Brain Therapy Clinic in Vancouver British Columbia Canada 21378

Professional Experience

With over 20+ years experience as a nurse & working in the field of neurofeedback, Penny has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the neurofeedback brain training process. She knows what it is like to feel sleep deprived. Working as an oncology nurse she sustained a back injury and struggled first hand with insomnia.

Comprehensive Approach

Sleep deprivation can have a negative effect on your work, school, & health. Penny combines brain training with education, mindset work and coaching to help you create healthy habits.  Optimize your brain and optimize your life so you can be your very best! Combining your wellness goals with brain training, you can build a rock solid foundation from the inside out.

Advanced Training & Technology

Using the advanced training system NeurOptimal® & the complementary health technique NIS (Neurological Integration System), Penny helps your brain create healthy new habits. Penny’s Brain Training Programs can help you balance your brain through cognitive fitness, emotional fitness, sleep management & performance enhancement. 

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