UR Wellness in Burnaby offers

Dynamical Neurofeedback Brain Training.​

A Natural Solution For A More Restful Sleep.

Our Brain Balancing Programs
Promote Better Sleep and
Assist You in Your Journey to Inner Peace

We offer intuitive mind body medicine that combines science backed, evidence-based tools to facilitate powerful shifts to help you change from
the inside out.


Benefits of a Restful Sleep

Improved Cognition & Memory​
Boosted Mood​
Better Self Esteem & Confidence
Healthy Immune System​
Decreased Stress​

Better Physical Appearance

Enhanced Productivity at Work & School
Increases Self Awareness & Better Decision-Making Skills​

Improved Physical Health and Weight Management​

The Hyndman Method of Intuitive Brain Balancing combines holistic western approaches, biofeedback technology, somatic psychology, and eastern healing practices to access the mind and the body at its full capacity. We teach you both at a conscious & subconscious level, how to decipher the subtle cues your body gives you, so you can be more present, healthier and connect with your body at a soul level, to make heart-centered, embodied decisions to stress less and sleep better.

Best of Our Services

Neurofeedback Brain Training

Dynamical Neurofeedback is essentially a brain workout that exercises your brain. The training is comfortable,
relaxing, and fun.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a light-touch form of body work that releases tensions deep in the body, both at a physical and emotional level.

Embodiment Counselling

Intuitive Body-Mind counselling can get you out of overwhelm and into the flow of life where everything unfolds naturally.

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What is Neurofeedback and How Does It Work?

Dynamical Neurofeedback is a powerful neuro-technology that can help you effortlessly train your brain to optimize your life. Sitting in a comfortable chair with sensors on your scalp and ears, the NeurOptimal® Brain Training system monitors your brain’s electrical activity. Your brain is provided with audio cues of how it is functioning in real-time. Your brain utilizes this information to “reset” and optimize itself. Benefits include self-regulation for stress reduction, improvement of sleep patterns, better focus, mental clarity & improved confidence.
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Wellness Services

Our center offers professional Mind Body Medicine and Brain Balancing Programs



  • Embodiment Counselling
  • Neurofeedback Brain Training Programs
  • Craniosacral Therapy


  • Home Brain Training Programs
  • Embodiment Counselling
  • E-Learning Courses
Why Choose Us?

Our Areas of Expertise


Professional Experience

At UR Wellness we listen, educate, and empower you to take charge of your health. We have 20+ years of experience facilitating neurofeedback sessions, and over 30 years of experience working in the mental health field.

Training & Technology

The practitioners at UR Wellness have extensive professional experience and embrace a comprehensive approach to mind/body health using advanced training and technology.

Unique Approach

Our unique approach to health, combined with our ability to create a safe non- judgmental environment, allows you to balance your brain so you can function at your best.

What Makes Us Different

• UR Wellness is a place where care is provided through understanding and respect of the body’s own innate inner wisdom.
• UR Wellness is dedicated to targeting your unique needs by listening, educating, and providing mind-body & brain solutions based in neuroscience, while creating a safe comfortable environment for your healing to occur.
• Our feature service is neurofeedback, as we know that brain training enables your nervous system to function at its best, allowing your body and mind to return to balance. When your nervous system is in a natural state of well-being, you sleep better, feel less anxious, display fewer compulsive behaviours and feel happier and more at peace.
• Our center aims to provide affordable brain training programs from highly skilled and trained professionals.
• We offer late afternoon, evening, and weekend appointments



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