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Welcome To Say Good Night to Sleepless Nights Health Blog

Updated: Nov 23, 2022


My name is Penny Hyndman, and I am the founder of UR Wellness Neurofeedback in Vancouver, Canada. I want to say hello and welcome you to the UR Wellness Community. I am a wellness enthusiast with 30+ years' experience as a nurse and 20+ years' experience as a neurofeedback brain trainer.

My Story

I know first-hand how devastating the effects that lack of sleep can have on a person's life. In 1998 while working as an oncology nurse, I suffered a back injury that left me with persistent pain and insomnia. I found myself riddled with anxiety and debilitating pain that would soon transform my life and my vocation. I was exhausted, stressed, and chronic sleep deprivation was negatively affecting every area of my life. I was stuck in a vicious circle of poor coping mechanisms, poor health habits and feelings of helplessness and shame.

My nursing career had left me in awe of how our physical and emotional bodies are connected. My nursing experience has shown me, that when we listen to the signals that our body provides us, we can navigate disease, illness and self-healing. Yet, I felt like my body & brain was stuck. Why wasn't my body self-correcting? I set out on a journey to explore how I could deepen this connection to myself and transform my sleeplessness from the inside out.

During this time, I began working in a Brain Mapping Clinic, learning various neurotherapy techniques, such as brainwave entrainment, cranial electrical stimulation, neuro and biofeedback techniques. It was where I discovered Neurofeedback Brain Training and experienced positive changes in my sleep patterns. This new pseudo-scientific world opened the doors to mentoring with some of the world's top psychologist's, acupuncturists, naturopaths, sound healers, reflexologists, reiki masters, qi-gong masters, craniosacral therapists, osteopaths, aromatherapists and medical intuitives.

My Experience

Today I have turned my passion into helping people learn to calm & nourish their body, mind and heart, to strengthen their ability to manage stress, anxiety and sleep deprivation. I use a dynamic embodiment approach to stress and trauma recovery, where I help you build your own sense of personal connection, while targeting key elements to create healthy habits for sleep.

I have been working in the field of addiction and neurofeedback for over 10 years and provide Neurofeedback Services for the Veterans Program at Together We Can Addiction & Education Society in Vancouver, B.C.

My clinic in Burnaby-Vancouver, British Columbia provides Brain Balancing Programs to help engage your brain and body, in such a way that it improves the way you function in your daily life. As your body navigates internal and external stressors, your limbic system can get "stuck" in a state of fight or flight, which can lead to a host of physical and emotional issues, such as fatigue, brain fog, hyper-sensitivity, chronic pain, mood swings, gut issues, sleep issues etc.

In my practice, I use biofeedback technologies and somatic practices to help you calm your mind, body & heart to soothe your soul. By helping your nervous system become more flexible and resilient, you will experience more peace, better health and better sleep.

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