Information is transformation

Neurofeedback is being used by many to explore their own capacity for spiritual or personal evolution.

Immerse yourself in wellness and explore the real you as you embody your true nature. Our events focus solely on your happiness, relaxation & personal transformation.  Our intention is to create an environment where you can expand into greater levels of joy, clarity, creativity, and love in your life. Emphasis is on self discovery, awareness & acceptance. If you want to feel relaxed, inspired & blissful while creating your own path to self discovery then join us.

Say Good Night to Sleepless Nights
This is our traditional point of entry information evening and is open to all current and potential clients. Learn how to manage your sleep using our services. Explore sleep hygiene, essential oils, nutritional support & how Brain Training can regulate your sleep patterns. Explore how to track your shifts & changes.

Neurofeedback Management
The What , The How & The Why……
For both newbies & seasoned brain trainers.
In this workshop, explore the transformational shifts that can occur with Neurofeedback Brain Training. Learn from Penny’s 20 years of experience facilitating clients through the neurofeedback process. While NeurOptimal has made neurofeedback brain training simple in application, the deep transformational shifts that occur can be powerful and sometimes daunting. Benefit from Penny’s extensive knowledge and feel confident in  your training process. Free for current and potential clients of UR Wellness. Clients who have their own brain trainer at other clinics are welcome after a brief telephone conversation with Penny.

The Art of Self Love
This weekend event explores deep transformation utilizing brain training & the essential oil experience with mind body techniques. This is an interactive workshop & allows you to be both the “giver” & the “receiver”.

Cluster Groups
These events utilize Zengar’s traditional Star Formation Hook Up, allowing the participant to be both the trainer and trainee during groups sessions. Penny has attended several of  Zengar’s Immersive Retreats as both participant and staff, bringing 15 years experience facilitating group brain training sessions. Cluster groups require participants to have attended 15 neurofeedback brain training sessions.

Essential Oil Workshops

Mood Management: Essential Oils for Emotions
Learn how to use essential oils to assist with mood management. It is a “Make and Take” workshop, allowing you to create your own roller blend(s) to take home.

I Am Fabulous Workshop
Learn how to use Desiree Mangandog’s emotional oil protocols to clear clutter from your life, still your mind and create balance. This is an interactive workshop where you will be applying the essential oil protocols.

Build Your Own Essential Oil First Aid Kit
This interactive workshop allows to learn how to use essential oils for common ailments and build your own essential oil first aid kit.

Build Your Own Essential Oil Bracelet
This is a fun interactive workshop that allows you to explore the basics of essential oils and you get to create your own beaded bracelet to take home.


*Our Services are aimed at stress management and are not meant to diagnose or treat medical conditions.