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Penny Hyndman is a Zengar Certified Master Practitioner with over 17 years experience working in the field of Neurofeedback and 15 years experience working with NeurOptimal (or NeuroCARE in its previous incarnation). Her initial training was with linear protocols and software systems in a leading edge neurofeedack clinic in Vancouver. She transitioned to the exclusive use of Zengar software from release level 1.75 to today’s current version. This adherence has provided Penny with a valuable breadth and unique depth of understanding. Penny has consulted and trained with the developers of NeurOptimal™, Dr.’s Susan Cheshire Brown PhD, and Valdeane W. Brown PhD.

Penny has also attended 3 Zengar Immersive Retreats, both as a participant and a staff member, giving her a wealth of experience in creating a therapeutic presence during a training session. She is a  past moderator on Zengar’s PASS forum, where she assisted newcomers with their understanding of Neurofeedback, and provided clinical guidance on both the Clinical & Energetic’s Forums. Her reassuring, calm approach to embracing non-linear neurofeedback creates a very safe relationship for learning.

Penny is also adept at managing and running multiple systems concurrently and consults with other practitioners on the process and practice management. Penny was the Neurofeedback Director of an in patient Therapeutic Addiction Centre for 6 years, where she co-ordinated clinical care while running 3 NeurOptimal Systems simultaneously.  Penny is available for private consultations with practitioners from around the world who are interested in refining their skills and their therapeutic presence.

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Penny’s knowledge was invaluable to me

I met Penny 15 years ago when I first began my Neurofeedback practice. Her knowledge of Neurofeedback and of the various systems in use was invaluable to me. I have continually accessed Penny throughout the years as a confidant, a mentor and a trainer. Her profound insights into the challenges I encountered in my own practice and in my own life provided me with a much different framework in how to be helpful to others.

Penny Mitchell- Nanaimo, BC- NeurOptimal™ Trainer

Penny’s ability to hold therapeutic presence flows into every exchange

In the four years that I have consulted with Penny, I have found her to be professional, knowledgeable and very generous with her experience. Her ability to hold the therapeutic presence flows into every exchange she is involved with, whether it is in running a session or consulting with a practitioner. This in itself makes for a very safe learning environment. She has developed the striking ability to recognize the subtle nuances of each NeurOptimal™ software release. This insight gives her an edge in explaining and teaching. She shares her knowledge without discrimination and teaches with integrity and respect for others. She maintains a high level of performance with ongoing training in the fields of Biofeedback and Bioenergetics at large. As a consequence, Penny is a valuable resource to any practitioner working with Zengar software.

Melanie Thésée – Burnaby, B.C. – NeurOptimal™ Practitioner