NIS is a unique Healing system founded by Dr. Allan Phillips

NIS revolves around the belief that it is the brain that is at the root of all imbalances and illnesses.

Neurological Integration System (NIS),,also known as Neurolink, is a healing system that is gentle and effective for all ages from infants to seniors. The body has an innate wisdom (the body’s natural ability to heal itself) that tells us what communication circuits are misfiring. NIS helps restore communication and synchronize signals between the brain and different parts  of the body including glands and organs. Once the imbalances of the brain are corrected and connections reestablished to organs, the person becomes well. NIS can also be useful in releasing limiting belief systems and stuck emotions.

The session begins by discussing your health care inventory and any current health concerns. You will then either sit or lie on the table while your arm is gently used to check via muscle biofeedback for any areas that the brain is not  fully communicating with.  Once it is determined what needs to be addressed, your head is slightly tapped while holding the corresponding muscle or tissue to be addressed. The simple tapping signals your brain to communicate more effectively with the gland/organ/tissue and signals your body’s innate wisdom to make adjustments.

NIS can address structural, physical, pathological, neurological, hormonal and emotional. Infections(viral, bacterial, fungal and protozoa) can respond well to NIS.

To learn more about NIS and how it works visit Dr. Phillips’ website:


For a demonstration of NIS, watch this short video presented by Dr. Jim Bentz, who is the North American Trainer for Neurolink Global and mentors other health practitioners in NIS.


*Our Services are aimed at assisting the body to release stress and not aimed at diagnosing or treating medical conditions.