NeurOptimal Brain Training is Our Feature Service

In simple terms, Neurofeedback is cross aerobic training for your brain.

Neurofeedback can be thought of as exercise for the brain that utilizes advanced computer technology as your exercise equipment. Think of it as an inner tune up. When you strengthen your brain and central nervous system it results in improved sleep and more stability in your health and overall performance.

People who engage in this form of exercise fall asleep more easily, wake up feeling more refreshed, pay attention better and calm down with more ease. Neurofeedback allows your brain to become more flexible and resilient, which can improve your stamina for stress.

You sit back and watch a video display with animations, listening to relaxing music or watching a movie. The images and music produced by the system respond to your brain activity. When the Neurofeedback software senses that your brain is in a calmer, more relaxed state, the images flow and the music plays.

When the Neurofeedback software senses that your brain is in a less relaxed state, the images and music are interrupted. The interruptions in the visual and audio act as signals for your brain to “re set” itself, allowing your brain to reorganize itself into a more natural, relaxed, and effective pattern. In a sense, NeurOptimalTM Neurofeedback works from the inside out, tapping into core issues that underlie our symptoms, which can rectify the symptoms themselves.  

After a session, you will emerge from the training feeling refreshed, relaxed and in a higher state of mental alertness.


View this short video by Zengar Institue developers of NeurOptimal Brain Training System describes what neurofeedback is and how it works.

*Our Services are aimed at assisting the body to release stress and not aimed at diagnosing or treating medical conditions.