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Benefits of Using Personal Home Training Units

Neurofeedback training can provide a multitude of benefits for the brain and body, including: improved sleep, heightened mental clarity and enhanced cognitive performance. There are Pros & Cons to Home Training and each should be considered for maximum training results. Home Training Units can be beneficial for families who want to save money when they are training several family members and for those who distance or travel prevent them office visits. Clients also often choose to do a set of sessions in office and then use the Personal System for tune ups at home. In some situations protracted training (longer than expected) may occur and home units can be beneficial.

Many clients choose to complete their Brain Training in office building on the therapeutic presence & support they get from the “in office experience”.  Penny has 20 years experience working in Neurofeedback and has been working remotely with NeurOptimal systems since their initial release as REMOTE Systems vs. the now currently available Personal Systems. Penny is skilled at assisting the client both in office and remotely to facilitate the brain training process. It is Penny’s experience that while the NeurOptimal Personal Training System is easy to use, it is important to find a trainer who is comfortable and experienced in guiding you through the personal transformation process.

UR Wellness does not currently RENT Personal Home Trainers. When appropriate, Penny can be hired to facilitate your home training program communicating via telephone, email, and video conferencing. Home Training Bundles can be purchased from Zengar Institute directly and our trainer, Penny Hyndman, can assist you with the learning curve of use and with ongoing case management.

When a UR Wellness Client rents from another local NeurOptimal provider, Home Training guidance can be provided when pre-arranged consultations are purchased. Otherwise the provider who “rents” the system is responsible for facilitating your training process.

For system purchased via Zengar: Initial Home Personal Training Instruction is performed in office with Penny when you purchase a Personal Bundle from Zengar (providing you indicate to Zengar when purchasing that you are affiliated with UR Wellness). Training usually occurs over 2 visits. Future office visits will have regular fees apply.

Personal Home Training Units are available on Microsoft Surface Tablets and provide ease of portability.

Penny can answer your home training questions or you can contact a NeurOptimal Representative at Zengar Institute directly:

Click on buttons for pricing from Zengar Institute and view a short video on the simplicity of a self hook up.

Pricing for Personal Tablet Bundle Pricing for Personal Laptop Bundle

* Services are aimed at stress management and are not meant to diagnosis to treat medical conditions.