Group Brain Training Sessions & Retreats

UR Wellness offers Neurofeedback Brain Training Groups and full day retreats for people who have completed a minimum of 15 training sessions. Each participant takes part in receiving and administering a Neurofeedback session in a group setting. There is no need to panic about using the computer, as we provide a concise tutorial on what you need to know.

Those who have experienced the power of Neurofeedback understand the subtle yet profound shifts that can occur in your day to day life and relationships; your boundaries within yourself and the outside world become clearer and there is an increased awareness that brings a strong sense of self. The community effect that occurs from group training sessions facilitates this profound experience of “Self” and fosters an environment for deeper exploration. People participating in Neurofeedback Cluster groups report a deep sense of inner peace.

  • Fee: 3 1/2 hour group: $95 +GST