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Home Neurofeedback Programs

Supervised Home Brain Training Programs

When distance is an issue, you can receive our customized service with a home program. With the guidance of our nurse, you will receive a user friendly neurofeedback system, support, weekly telehealth calls and access to our online educational programs. We do not provide DIY (Do It Yourself) Home Rental Systems. You work directly with our nurse one-on-one during your program.

Why Home Training?

When distance prevents you from coming to our office, we offer Home Brain Training Programs for individuals and families. Contact us directly to apply for a home brain training program.

Pick Up Your System

At this time, we will only ship neurofeedback systems within B.C. If you are outside of Canada we will gladly refer you to a colleague who is able to ship to your location.

Why Train Your Brain

Brain Training is an excellent way to foster the mind-body connection and help recalibrate your brain for better sleep, more focus and stress management.

Train Your Brain

Our neurofeedback training systems are fully automated and user-friendly. We offer the same customized one-on-one service as our in office programs.


Once you complete and sign your Home Program Contract.& provide security deposit and your first month payment, you will be shipped a loaner brain training system to use.

Telehealth Calls

After you receive your home training system, you will have an introductory & weekly online telehealth consult. Shipping of a system within BC is done via insurable carrier at your expense.

Do You Want to Explore Home Brain Training?

For more information to see if home training is appropriate for you let's connect.

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