30 Day Refresh Program to Re-set Your Gut-Brain Connection

4 sessions
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Welcome! This 30 Day Program combines Brain Training with the Principles of Mindful Eating. You’ll learn all about the gut, the microbiome, and how getting enough sleep improves gut health.

This 30 Day Program focuses on restoring your gut-brain connection for better sleep by combining NeurOptimal® Brain Training with Mindful Eating. Fixing your sleep will help your gut. Fixing your gut will help your sleep.

You’ve probably tried cutting out the caffeine or taking a natural supplement like Melatonin. Since you’re here, though, I’m assuming that didn’t work for you.

The truth is that you could be suffering from a negative cycle in your sleep patterns that is affecting your gut health, or vice versa. The sleep and gut balance is super delicate and easily disrupted by our daily lives.

You will receive:

  • 4 Brain Training Sessions.
  • Mindful Eating Guide.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Ditching Sugar in 5 Days to Reset Your Mind & Body for Better Sleep
  • 28 Day Clean Eating Program with menus and shopping lists.
  • Get Some Sleep Now Guide
  • Bonus: Free Peppermint Essential Oil Blend to aid Digestion.

*You can schedule your Neurofeedback sessions weekly, or may jumpstart your program by booking the sessions closer together. i.e.. 4 in one week, or twice a week initial and then weekly.

*You can add Neurolink to your sessions for $40 per session

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Penny Hyndman, R.N.

Penny Hyndman, R.N.

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