16 Week Signature Program: The Transformation Package

20 sessions + 3 programs
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Welcome! This Brain Training Package helps you gain maximum benefits of your brain training sessions by allowing you to inhabit all aspects of yourself. This deeper awareness also brings a fuller sense of trust and confidence in yourself and in the world.

Penny’s Most Popular Transformation Program

This Ultimate transformation package provides an affordable payment plan to complete 20 NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Sessions to allow your brain to re-organize itself, releasing patterns of stuck “ness”. A brain training session is like “defragging” your brain, giving you a re-boot.

When we train our brain using neurofeedback, we bring balance to the body, the mind and the heart. We enhance our connection to self.  Past traumas, the toxins in our environment, the foods we eat and the thoughts we think can all disrupt our full body presence. Our nervous systems automatically go into a  high state of arousal, which can lead to skewed perceptions and reduced energetic awareness that can affect us in detrimental ways.

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Brain Training can help you rejuvenate and nourish yourself in healthy ways, allowing you to remain fully present, even in situations of extreme stress. Your fight or flight response can re-set itself and your sleep cycles regulate. You stress less and sleep better! Whether you want to calm your anxieties, improve your meditation, or increase your focus and concentration, brain training can help you re-balance yourself for more calm & confidence.

This package is the full meal deal! It includes 20 NeurOptimal® (Regular) Neurofeedback Sessions in conjunction with Penny’s Signature Reboot Your Body & Brain Program Guide. Together we will help you master emotional regulation and create healthy life time habits.

Bonus: Free Essential Oil Starter Kit

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Penny Hyndman, R.N.

Penny Hyndman, R.N.

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