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Why Do People Choose Do Neurofeedback Training?
The most common reason that people seek Neurofeedback training is that they are experiencing something that they don’t want. This may be physical, mental or emotional. Another common reason that people seek Neurofeedback is for enhancement of focus and concentration. For this reason, students of all ages seek Neurofeedback training. Many professionals, athletes and performers seek Neurofeedback training to maximize their productivity and performance. Many seek Neurofeedback training to enhance their meditation practice, facilitating their own healing journey and for stress management.
Does Brain Training Hurt?
The experience is pleasantly relaxing and does not involve pain or discomfort. You begin by sitting in a relaxing chair. The equipment monitors the electromagnetic waves that are naturally created by your brain. Your brainwaves are measured by small sensors which are placed on your head. Nothing is put into your brain and nothing is taken away; the sensors simply provide a method of measurement.
What Does A NeurOpitmal Brain Training Session Look Like?
You sit back and watch a video display with animations, listening to relaxing music. The images and music produced respond to your brain activity. When the Neurofeedback software senses that your brain is in a calmer, more relaxed state, the images flow and the music plays. When the Neurofeedback software senses that your brain is in a less relaxed state, the images and music are interrupted. The interruptions in the visual and audio act as signals for your brain to “re set” itself, allowing your brain to reorganize itself into a more natural, relaxed, and effective pattern. After a session, you will emerge from the training feeling refreshed, relaxed and in a higher state of mental alertness.
How Does Neurofeedback Brain Training Help?
Learning to balance your brain dynamics allows more effective day to day functioning, providing a foundation for growth and stability. Exercising your brain allows it to process information more efficiently and therefore, you are less likely to become overwhelmed by stress, or become stuck in unhealthy behavioural patterns. Neurofeedback training provides you with information, both at a conscious and subconscious level, and over time more healthful patterns become firmly established.
How Many Neurofeedback Sessions Will I need?
Most people will usually see results within 1-3 training sessions. Lasting results are often achieved with a series of 20 Neurofeedback sessions. Children with attention and focus issues and those seeking symptom resolution from chronic health conditions may require 40 + sessions. Many people choose to engage in 40+ sessions as they explore their personal evolution. Your results may vary according to your goals and individual response to training. Call 604-831-1330 to discuss your training needs with Penny.
What Benefits Can I experience with Neurofeedback Brain Training?
As a general rule, people engaging in Neurofeedback training report:
  • Improved
    • quality of sleep
    • meditation
    • concentration & focus
    • memory
    • manual dexterity
    • mental and emotional energy
  • Decreased
    • impulsivity
    • physical hyperactivity
    • anxiety
  • Increased
    • overall feeling of well-being
    • mental clarity
    • ability to process and organize information
    • capacity to handle stress
  • Reduced
    • mental chatter and mind racing
    • nervousness
    • brain fogginess
Can Neurofeedback Brain Training Benefit Everyone?
Yes. Everyone has a brain! Neurofeedback simply allows your brain to listen to itself, moment by moment. The brain is amazingly adaptable, capable of making adjustment to improve its own performance. When your brain learns to regulate itself , many areas of your life can improve. You don’t have to be sick to get better!
What forms of payment are acccepted?
For your convenience, we accept Cash, Cheque, Visa, MasterCard and INTERAC e-Transfer. Payment is due at the time of your appointment. Pre-Paid Neurofeedback Brain Training Packages are available.  Our services are not usually covered by extended health care plans. GST will be added to fees.


  • Individual Brain Training Session $95
  • Couples Brain Training Session $150
  • NIS Session $95
  • Cluster Group Training Sessions $95
Ninety minutes will be reserved for your initial intake visit, and sixty minutes for each subsequent visit. Your Initial training session will be approximately 20 minutes of training time, prior to a review and discussion of your “Health Care Inventory”. Each subsequent visit will include a brief “check in” and a 30-45 minute training session. Training sessions can be purchased per session or can be purchased as pre paid packages at a reduced cost.
  • Pre Paid Package of 10 Visits: $855
  • Pre Paid Package of 20 Visits: $1615
  • Pre Paid Package of 40 Visits: $3040
  • Grand Opening Special Until September 2017: Pre Paid Package of 6  only $475