About Penny Hyndman

Our Trainer Penny Hyndman is a graduate of the Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing & has over 30 years experience in B.C.’s health care system.

After suffering a back injury herself while working in the hospital Penny, discovered Neurofeedback and its power to alleviate suffering. Combined with her passion to learn and desire to assist others, Penny trained with some of the top experts in the field of Neurofeedback and now mentors and trains other practitioners worldwide in the discipline of Neurofeedback .

Penny has extensive training in NeurOptimal Neurofeedback and is experienced using several other Neurofeedback systems including Biograph, Cap Scan, Brainmaster, Brain Paint and LENS.  Today, Penny uses NeurOptimal exclusively in her practice, as she recognizes the value and power of this unique technology. Penny is also trained in Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Reflexology, Aroma Touch Technique and Craniosacral Therapy. In 2010, Penny trained with Neurolink Global in the technique of NIS (Neurological Integration System) and incorporates each modality into each her client’s wellness plan.

Penny draws from her roots in nursing & encompasses a wide range of methodologies- from holistic approaches. Drawing on her assessment skills & other biofeedback technologies such as applied kinesiology/muscle testing with gentle hands on craniosacral techniques Penny bridges the connection of the mind and the body to aid you to achieve optimal wellness.

Penny’s unique approach to health, combined with her innate caring ability creates a safe non- judgmental environment for healing to occur. You will be cared for as the unique individual you are.