Every animal on Earth needs water to live, and that is especially true of humans. Depending on your height and weight, you could need more water than the average amount, but every person needs water because dehydration causes cellular breakdown in the body. The problem isn’t that you don’t understand you need more water, but trying to find time and circumstances to get your daily recommended amount. Here are some different ways to ensure you get plenty of water every day.

When You Wake Up

Everyone should have a healthy wake up routine where they wake up, stretch, brush their teeth, eat breakfast and so forth. Add the step of drinking a glass of water right when you wake up. This is good for your body because it will get your bodily functions moving right away, so that you can have proper elimination during the day and provide fresh fluids for your vital organs. Also, your mind will function more efficiently, because you’re giving it something vital to promote proper cellular functionality. You will become sharper by the time you get to work, school, or any other activities where you need to use your mind.

Get a Water Bottle or a Dedicated Cup

It’s all about the cup! If you keep a water bottle around, you will find it easier to remember to drink water, and you will be far less likely to reach for a sugary drink. Another great advantage of having a water bottle is that it will help you to be more aware of the amount of water that you drink in a day. Some people will even go as far as buying a water bottle that visibly measures how much water they’ve drank. Even more lavish, there are high-tech options that communicate with applications that will electronically monitor your water intake and deliver them to your phone.

Before Bed

During sleep, it is inevitable that you will lose small amounts of water. When you go 7 – 8 hours without any sort of fluids, your mind and body can become somewhat dehydrated. While you won’t want to consume a large quantity of water right before going to sleep, it could be a very good thing if you were to drink a smaller cup of water about 30 minutes before going to bed. This will prepare you for morning elimination and help prepare for the amount of water lost during the night.

Learning to regulate your nervous system & emotions with effective stress management practices and evidence-based neuroscience tools to balance your mind, body and integrated brain is also essential to reducing stress and sleeping better.

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UR Wellness

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