Traditional linear neurofeedback is often called EEG neurofeedback or EEG biofeedback and is considered it as a treatment. With the advancement of digital processing, non-linear dynamical neurofeedback, or brain training, has emerged as a holistic approach to wellness. It works by balancing your brain waves to contribute to better health. No quantified EEG or Brain Map is required.

The result is that your brain resets itself. This helps you break free of habits such as worry, disrupted sleep, addictive behaviours, poor focus and limiting beliefs.

Sensors attached to the scalp collect the brain’s electrical activity in real-time. This information is sent to the software system for interpreting. The dynamical neurofeedback computer tracks the electrical communication of your brain millisecond-by-millisecond. When the computer detects unbalanced repetitive patterns, the music skips and cues your brain to reset itself.

This process teaches your brain to pay attention to your unbalanced habitual brain patterns. This allows you to shift out of impulsivity, poor focus & attention, anxiety, depression, addiction, the trauma response, and disrupted sleep.

Who a Neurofeedback Specialist Can Help?

Neurofeedback can benefit anyone wanting to create balance in their life. It can also support the treatment of ADHD, ADD, PTSD, Autism, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Depression, Anxiety, stress disorders, behaviour disorders or insomnia.

Dynamical Neurofeedback is considered training and not treatment. It results in changes in behaviour, such as less impulsivity or reactivity, more focus and attention. It can also result in better reading and/or math skills, less anxiety or depression and better sleep.

When you train your brain, you can notice increased mental acuity, enhanced performance, and more appropriate emotional responses to stressful situations. Fears can drop away, and you feel happier, calmer, and more confident. You feel more rested with deeper sleep. This all stems from the positive impacts on brain function.

What Happens During a Session at A Neurofeedback Centre?

While sitting in a reclining chair with a headset and sensors on your head, you will listen to relaxing music.  You hear brief interruptions in the music as your brain’s natural feedback system re-calibrates itself into calmer more relaxed brain wave patterns.

Dynamical neurofeedback is 100% non-invasive and does not force specific brain activity by using impeccable impedance, hence there are no side effects.  The brain wave changes result from your brain’s own intrinsic ability to adapt to the skipping music. This is triggered by your brain’s own habitual patterns. Occasionally people are unsettled by the experience, due to the newness and unfamiliarity of the brain’s ability to regulate itself. For example, someone who is highly anxious or angry may feel unsettled because a calmer state is unfamiliar.

As your brain fitness increases and your habitual unbalanced brain patterns are unlearned. This will help you sleep better, be more focused & confident, and you experience better emotional regulation. Your neurofeedback specialist’s role is to create a safe, non-judgmental environment for transformation and healing to occur.

How to Choose a Neurofeedback Specialist in Vancouver?

Neurofeedback is a rapidly evolving profession. Finding a clinician you can trust, should be a top priority. Ensure that you are comfortable that they are knowledgeable, experienced, and up to date with the most current neurofeedback protocols.

This will help ensure you benefit from advancements. In Vancouver British Columbia, there is currently no board certification or regulation for neurofeedback training. As Neurofeedback advances and becomes more widely practiced, choosing the best specialist for your needs becomes more complex.

When choosing a neurofeedback provider be sure to consider:


As Neurofeedback influences your health and well-being you want someone with a strong background in healthcare. Finding a professional who understands mental health conditions and uses a trauma-informed care approach can be very important. This is especially true for conditions such as, such as PTSD, ADD/ADHD, addiction, anxiety, or depression. You want someone with the right medical background and education who can support individuals who have experienced traumatic events.

Trusted Environment

Find someone you trust in sharing your struggles and personal information. Since neurofeedback is a process that occurs over several months, you should look for someone with a personality you like. If you are not comfortable with your neurofeedback specialist, it could hinder your training.


You should ask any potential neurofeedback specialist about their experience with other people who have similar symptoms or challenges as you. Strong repeatable results are an indication of an evidence-based intervention. Dynamical Neurofeedback can provide rapid transformation. Having a neurofeedback specialist who has the knowledge and experience to facilitate the healing process is important.


Location can be an important consideration when choosing a neurofeedback center. Finding a professional with experience and knowledge that is able to create an environment of trust should be a primary consideration.

Training protocols include weekly sessions over two to four months. For this reason, a convenient location may help with your ability to follow your training schedule.

A Holistic Approach

A poor digestive function can impede gut-brain communication. A holistic approach to neurofeedback considers the impacts of your nutritional health and environment.

It is important to find a neurofeedback specialist that considers these impacts on your physical and psychological wellbeing. Find someone who can teach you stress management and mindfulness techniques. These skills will equip you with the coping skills you need to live a balanced life without fear.


UR Wellness

UR Wellness

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