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Neurofeedback For Kids

Neurofeedback Brain Training for Better Sleep, Better Focus,

Enhanced Confidence & Emotional Regulation

UR Wellness provides both in office appointments at our

Burnaby location & Home Brain Training Programs

from comfort of your home.

Train Your Child's Brain For:


  • Learning Capacity

  • Eye Hand Coordination

  • Self-esteem & Self Confidence

  • Sleep

  • Moods

  • Performance in sports


  • Overwhelm

  • Distractibility

  • Bad Habits

  • Forgetfulness

  • Tantrums

  • Pain

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How Does Neurofeedback Brain Training Help Children?

Neurofeedback is exercise for your ​brain. Neurofeedback Brain Training is ​about calming the nervous system and ​bringing the brain and body into ​balance in an efficient manner. Your ​child is hooked up to the ​neurofeedback system with sensors ​attached to the ears and head. Using ​the Dynamical Neurofeedback system ​as your exercise equipment, it tells ​your brain what it is doing (256 times ​per second). Your brain is provided ​with accurate and precise information ​so that it can re-calibrate itself. Like any ​other type of training, the benefits are ​cumulative and maximum results are ​seen with accumulated sessions of

20 plus.

Is Neurofeedback Safe?

When you are sitting in the chair, ​listening to the music, you will hear brief ​micro-pauses in the music/sound. It is ​the brain that is turning off the music, ​and the brain that turns the music back ​on. The brief interruptions signal the ​brain to re-calibrate itself. There is no ​impedance put through the brain, ​hence dynamical neurofeedback is a ​holistic self-driven process with no side ​effects. You are simply inviting the brain ​towards its own self-regulation.

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The Benefits of Neurofeedback

Dynamical Brain Training helps increase ​the flexibility and resilience of your child's ​brain and results in better sleep, more ​focus, increased confidence, and fewer ​feelings of being overwhelmed. Memory ​is enhanced, compulsions become less, ​and your child feels calmer and more ​able to regulate their emotions. The ​American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) ​lists neurofeedback as a "Level1=Best ​Support" intervention for Attention ​Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders ​(ADHD).

How Many Brain Training Sessions Will My
Child Need?

Each child's brain is unique and ​responds differently. As a rule, within 6 ​sessions, most report better sleep and ​shifts in the ability to calm oneself. With ​10-20, your child's sleep cycles reset, and ​you can see bigger changes. With 20-40 ​sessions, the training is integrated. Once ​you are in a place where your child's ​behaviour and feelings of well-being are ​improved, the training can complete. ​Tune-ups every 1-2 months can provide ​ongoing benefits.

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How Long Will the Results of ​Neurofeedback Last?

With Neurofeedback Brain Training, the ​brain is learning a new skill. It is like riding ​a bike. You never forget how. Once you ​have done 10-20 sessions, your brain ​integrates the learning. You can stop the ​training anytime you want to and pick it ​up again later.

How Often Should

My ​Chi​ld Brain Train?

Every brain is different. There is no ​hard-set rule. Consistency is key and ​as with exercise, rest days are good for ​integration too. Our brain training ​programs are structured so that you ​complete 20 sessions over a 2–4 ​month period. Training usually begins ​2-4 times per week, decreasing over ​time to once per week.

Neurofeedback Sessions
In Person

Our unique approach to health, combined with ​our ability to create a safe non- judgmental ​environment, allows your child to balance their ​brain so they can function at their best.

The practitioners at UR Wellness have extensive ​professional experience and embrace a ​comprehensive approach to mind/body health, ​using advanced training and technology.


Our center aims to provide affordable brain ​training programs from highly skilled and ​trained professionals. We offer late afternoon, ​evening, and weekend appointments


Home Programs

Neurofeedback Brain Training

Our Neurofeedback Home Training programs ​offer an effective way for you and your family ​to gain the benefits of Neurofeedback Brain ​Training from the comfort of your own home.

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