The Art of Listening To Your Inner Wisdom: What You Need To Know To Get Started With Embodiment Counselling/Coaching

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Do you want to discover a deeper connection with yourself? Do you want to reclaim your body from trauma and awaken to your body’s wisdom? 

Embodiment Counselling is a coaching process that utilizes the mind-body connection to promote emotional and physical well-being. During the process you’ll discover that your body has very specific ways of talking to you. And you’ll learn to approach this innate language with curiosity to “read” it more quickly and easily. When you can do this, you’ll discover that it’s so much easier to access the feelings of calmness, clarity, and groundedness that can make all of life better.

Gain instant access to listen to our Nurse Penny Hyndman as she discusses what Embodiment Counselling is and how you can use simple somatic exercises to help you with your health and well-being in your every day life.

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