Post Traumatic Stress

Penny is very proud of the clinical work she does with the Veteran’s Program in Vancouver at Together We Can. First Responders are at least twice as likely to suffer from PTSD. The First Responders diagnosed with PTSD, that Penny has worked with, have reported enormous gains in their health & well-being.

As a result of these gains, Penny strives to ensure that all First Responders have access to Brain Training. UR Wellness provides Neurofeedback Brain Training to all First Responders for FREE each Wednesday. This includes all First Responders including police forces, fire fighters, 911 operators, search & rescue, nurses, doctors, volunteers & military both (active & retired). Simply contact the office to reserve your Brain Training Session.

Happiness is all about how we perceive and react to life’s events. Neurofeedback helps clear negative inner dialogue and widens perspective, allowing our intrinsic personality to emerge. Optimal brain communication promotes focus and emotional balance, which helps us reach our full personal potential.

Stress affects the tone of the Central Nervous System, affecting hormonal balance, suppressing the immune system, and impairing mental processing and emotional control. When managed properly, stress can be a real asset to performance, giving you better focus and drive.

The most common benefit people report after training their brain with NeurOptimal is a new sense of vitality; a familiar but forgotten sense of being more of their natural self. Many report that though they came in for help with emotional, artistic and creative abilities, they have also found positive changes in many other areas of their life.

Neurofeedback Brain Training can show your brain how to return to a natural, unstressed position which can assist with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.