Can Neurofeedback Help Me Sleep?

How Can Neurofeedback Help Me Sleep Better?

Question: How can neurofeedback help me sleep better?

Answer: Insomnia can disrupt daily life by causing irritability, exhaustion, tiredness, and difficulty staying focused. Neurofeedback or brain training technology helps identify brainwave imbalances that may be contributing to your inability to sleep. It is guided exercise for the brain that helps stabilize your brainwave dynamics. By retraining your brain and improving brainwave function, your brain creates healthier patterns and your body learns to relax more. You begin to sleep better; longer & you wake up feeling more refreshed. Retraining your brain can make a powerful impact on your ability to feel healthier & happier. Addressing underlying brainwave dynamics can also help address any health condition such as ADHD, mood disorders, addictions, PTSD, chronic pain or Autism Spectrum disorders.

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