FREE Brain Training Available at UR Wellness Open House

Information is Transformation!  Join Penny Hyndman Sunday December 8 from 10 am to 4pm for UR Wellness Friends & Family Self Care Sunday. Reserve your brain training session, Aroma Touch Chair Technique or Biofeedback Health Assessment.

Whether you are a current client, past client, or newbie…. you are welcome to book your sessions via

At UR Wellness our feature services is Neurofeedback Brain Training because Penny believes it is the quickest way to get to the root imbalances of the central nervous system.  However, Penny draws on a unique blend of holistic western approaches to create custom wellness plans for each individual client.

It is Penny’s experience that when interference such as stress, trauma, limiting belief systems, infection and toxicity is removed from your body, it can express its own healing potential. Other services provided are Cransiosacral Therapy, Aroma Touch Techniques, Reflexology, Neurological Integration System and other Biofeedback Techniques.  The goal is to assist you to create balance in your mind, body & spirit. Looking at nutrition, movement, toxicity, emotions and brainwave patterns can help you maintain balance in your life.

For more information contact Penny directly (604) 831-1330 or book your session on line for our FREE Self Care Sunday sessions On December 8th


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