NeurOptimal 2018 Transforming Lives Conference 2018

The 2018 NeurOptimal Conference in Montreal was a success!  With trainers from all around the world….there was a wealth of knowledge in the room.  The event began with a meet and greet where Penny met many of her long time members of the Zengar community including the developers Dr. Susan Brown PhD and Dr. Val Brown PhD.

As a long time user of NeurOptimal Penny has seen the transformation of NeurOptimal from Version 1.75 to today’s current version of 3.0. That is 17 years experience!

Penny presented her experience and case study of working with a family who used a personal system for home training and how the “community effect” of training brings gains to the family via synchronization through chaos.

The food of Old Montreal was a amazing and many memories made. Three days of research presentations on how NeurOptimal Brain Training transforms lives….unbelievable.

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