Downloading with the Trees

Last weekend I made a trip to Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island to visit the trees. The trees in this area of the Pacific Rim Park are up to 800 years old.  The wisdom and energy is abundant in this area.

Physically trees help us and the planet by providing oxygen and shade.  For animals trees provide shelter, oxygen and even provide nourishment. The energy of trees can also affect our mental, emotional and spiritual energy. Have you ever sat under a tree and feel the serenity and peacefulness that fills you? If not…you should try it!

Trees like all living things have an energy frequency, vibration and an aura. The roots reach deep into the earth and provide excellent grounding energy.  When ever you come in contact with a tree you will pick up their vibrations whether you are consciously aware of it or not. You begin to resonate with the tree’s energy and you become more centered and grounded. This  explains the comfort many people feel when they are next to a tree. Essentially they give out the energy vibe of safety, security and stability.

If you want to de-stress…taking a brief walk amongst the trees is a simple way to re-energize and re-set yourself!

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