Illness: Teacher and Friend

Anxiety and stress have been increasing in our society.  Many of us are living close to disease threshold all the time. By understanding the relationship between accumulated inner stress and the development of disease we can move beyond the current medical paradigm. We tend to separate ourselves from our illness.  We think of illness as an alien presence.  We want to remove it from ourselves and cut it out.  This view is very limiting as it assumes that we are separate from things around us. When the connection between the mind, body and spirit is established illness can no longer been seen as a meaningless event, rather an event leading to transformation & wellness!


Energy deprivation is at the root of most illnesses.  When ever energy is expended in one area it is pulled from another.  The recent power outages in Toronto are a perfect example of this.  Energy consumed in one grid exceeded its limit, so energy was pulled from another. This resulted in a complete power outage.  The development of chronic tension can lead to energy deprivation.  Many people believe that illness suddenly strikes for no reason at all. It is common for me to hear clients say “I woke up one morning and I couldn’t get out of bed”.


When the body is severely stressed, muscle tension increases and our bodies use extra energy.  When all the bodies’ energy is exhausted our bodies are not in equilibrium and we are more susceptible to illness. For example: Our immune system requires energy to function properly.  We become open to infection when there is low or no energy in the body.  Many people wonder why a virus such as the common cold or Epstein-Barr attacks some and not others.  Most people who develop illnesses related to these viruses will admit that their energy levels had been depleted or maximized prior to the onset of the illness.


Chronic illness is becoming all too common in modern society because few recognize that the state of constant stress can lead to illness.   It is not uncommon to hear of people who have been ill and they seem resistant to any form of conventional therapy.  If an illness does not respond to conventional treatment, then stress is very likely to be the blame.  When illness is resistant to conventional treatments, the treatments them selves can then make the problem worse and the cycle continues.  I suggest to my clients that they tap into their own inner resources and connect themselves to the healing strength within themselves.  Our bodies have an innate healing intelligence.  When we can connect to the strength with in ourselves, healing can occur.  Illness can often bring transformation if we are willing to learn the lessons in our chronic tension patterns.


Penny Hyndman is a nurse and wellness educator with  It is her goal to assist adults and children to learn self regulation through the use of Biofeedback, Therapeutic Touch and Wellness Education. She can be reached at 604-831-1330


Free Health Seminar

Stress, Illness & Transformation

Date:  January 8th

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