Creating Harmony through Higher Awareness

We live in a society in which excess is considered the norm.  We need to have the fastest car, the biggest house, the Grande Latte & the list goes on.  I am not saying that wanting or having these things is wrong; what I am suggesting is that we become more conscious of our own role in this feedback loop of our addictive society.  Anything can be used addictively, whether it is a substance (like food, coffee or alcohol) or a process (like work or shopping).  The purpose of addiction is to numb us so that we are out of touch with what we know and what we feel.  When we acknowledge and face our emotional pain we are immediately put in touch with our feelings.  By paying attention or bringing awareness to our current state we can connect to our inner guidance.  Remaining unconscious about our habits can take a toll on our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. This disconnection with our inner guidance can keep us in a state of pain that can increase the longer we deny it.  It takes a lot of energy to remain in this pain and we often turn to addictive substances or behaviours to keep us from confronting this pain & unhappiness.


When I describe my experiences of how clients who engage in biofeedback training  can tap into their energy systems and belief systems causing profound shifts and transformations, people look at me like I am speaking another language. People are amazed that by sitting in front of a computer screen and listening to interruptions in music you can improve your sleep, decrease your anxiety, elevate your mood, improve your meditation and reduce cravings. Our bodies have an innate ability to heal themselves; when homeostasis is re-established, the body can heal itself. If the body is unsuccessful maintaining equilibrium or balance, chronic illness & addictions may set in.  We know from biofeedback research that a person can learn to regulate their own physiological processes; hence profound shifts can occur when awareness is brought to the surface.


Healing can occur when we allow ourselves to feel, express and release emotions from the past that we have suppressed or tried to forget. When we allow ourselves to release our feelings and suppressed emotions, the body, mind and spirit are cleansed.  It is not uncommon for insights to surface and we find peace with painful events in our past.  In creating health we need to pay attention to the subtle signals from our bodies.  Heart palpitations, headaches, acne, back spasms & stomach aches are subtle symptoms that bodies give us, that indicate we need to let go and surrender. When we can acknowledge that our bodies are our allies, letting us know what serves and does not serve us, we can live in harmony.  Whenever you experience a headache or another bodily symptom take a moment to reflect upon what the symptom is trying to say to you. It is crucial that we understand that we do not have to wait to develop a disease in order to get the massage or relaxation session. Wellness refers to action. Learning to listen to and respect your body is a process that requires compassion and patience.


Penny Hyndman is trained in; Neurofeedback by Zengar Institute in Victoria B.C; CranioSacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute; and Reflexology with the Pacific Institute of Reflexology.  Penny is a graduate of the Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing and has over 15 years experience in BC’s Health Care System. For more information she can be reached at in New Westminster B.C. (604) 831-1330.


Want to learn more about creating balance and harmony through higher awareness attend a free seminar Thursday April 27th at 7:30pm. Location Port Moody, BC.  To pre register call 604-936-0888. Seats are limited.


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